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    Luxury Apartments in Central Doha

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    Fraser Suites Doha sits elegantly along the waterfront promenade of Doha Corniche that stretches along the glistening Arabian coastline conjoining government offices, the central business district and Hamad International Airport, all within short distances.  The lively Souq Waqif in Doha offers an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafés and shops within the vicinity of our West Bay Doha apartments, along with cultural appreciation through the Doha Museum of Islamic Art.

    Fraser Suites Doha

    48675 Al Meena Street,
    Corniche Road,
    P.O.Box # 29444

    فريزر سويتس - الدوحة

     48675 شارع المينا رقم

    صندوق البريد  29444 طريق الكورنيش  الدوحة - قطر 

    • Al Rafa Pharmacy

      Pharmaceutical services 

    • Qatar National Library

      Non-profit organisation with information resource available for everyone 

    • Corniche Promenade

      Perfect for a long stroll of city view, skyscapers, traditional boats and catching a dazzling sunset on Arabian Sea 

    • Al Rawnaq Trading Center

      Low prices stationery and other goods 

    • Kabayan Supermarket

      Philippine convenient store for grocery shopping 

    • Bank Street & Exchange Center

      Transfer and currency exchange 

    • Dhow Harbour

      You can watch the traditional dhows return from sea, and sunset is the best time to do this

    • Souq Waqif

      Renowned Bazaar for antiques, spices, souvenirs, traditional treats and endless cafes with sheesha 

    • Qatar Islamic Cultural Center (FANAR)

      Represents and teaches Qatari culture to the world 

    • Idam (Alain Ducasse Restaurant inside MIA)

      Hop-stop and jump away from celebrity dining in the heart of Iconic museum 

    • Museum Of Islamic Art

      Mesmerizing architecture design by I.M. Pei  and fascinating culture within 

    • Al Meera Supermarket

      Local chain supermarket 

    • Orient Pearl Restaurant

      Corniche HotSpot with great ambience and traditional cuisine 

    • Qatar National Museum (Soon to open)

      The most awaiting museum of Middle-East 

    • Bollywood Masala (Indian Restaurant)

      For those who crave for some Indian flavours 

    • Sahran 24 hour Supermarket

      Your corner shop for grocery  

    • Bone and Joint Center (Hamad Orthopedic Clinic)

      The nearest point for Public Hospital

    • Al Serdal Café

      A gem for explorers of local cultural hideouts 

    • Doha City

      Your Arabic flavoured household needs 

    • Facilities, Amenities and Services within the vicinity

      • Doha City (5 mins by foot)
      • Serdal Cafe (5 mins by foot)
      • Idam (Alain Ducasse Restaurant) situated in Museum of Islamic arts premises (5 mins by foot)
      • Al meera Supermarket (10 mins by foot)
      • Souq Waqif (10 mins by foot)
    • Getting to Fraser Suites Doha

      From Hamad International Airport

      • Estimated duration 10 to 15 minutes, by car.
      • Estimated charge QR 60 for two pax or QR 100  for four pax, including luggage
    • About Doha

      Doha (Arabic: الدوحة‎‎, ad-Dawḥa or ad-Dōḥa, literally: "the big tree") is the capital city of the state of Qatar. It is Qatar's largest city, with over 60% of the nation's population residing in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is also the economic centre of the country.

      One of the municipalities of Qatar, Doha also serves as the seat of government of Qatar. Doha is home to the Education City, an area devoted to research and education. Doha was the site of the first ministerial-level meeting of the Doha Development Round of World Trade Organization negotiations. The city of Doha held the 2006 Asian Games, the largest of the series held at that time.  The city played host to the 2011 Pan Arab Games and most of the games at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup and the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations December 2012, and will host a large number of the venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    • Essential Facts About Doha


      Middle East


      11,437 sq km

      Local time

      GMT + 3 hours


      The riyal (QR) is the official currency of Qatar, which is divided into 100 dirhams. The Exchange parity has been set at the fixed rate of US $ = 3.65QR's.


      Crude Oil production and refining, petrochemicals, steel, cement.


      The Qatari Inhabitants are of Arabic origin and the culture is very much based on Islamic tradition.


      Arabic is the official language, particularly the Gulf dialect. As Qatar was a British protectorate, English is the most common second language, and most locals would be able to speak basic English.


      Arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers. Summer starts from June till middle of September. Winter is warm, with little rainfall. It starts from December till the end of February. The weather is generally pleasant during March, April, May, October & November.

      Required Clothing

      Lightweight cottons and linens are recommended during summer months but avoid wearing silk, which sticks to the skin with the humidity. A cardigan is useful for over-cooled malls in the summer and a jacket is a must for cooler evenings during the winter.


      Al-Jazeera TV news channel is the most famous media industry in Qatar.


      Qatar grants tourist visas at border points for nationals of more than 33 countries including USA, Canada, Iceland, West European countries, a number of East European countries,, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand, besides the nationals of the GCC countries.

      Visit visas for the residents of the GCC countries and their companions are issued at border points, while entry visas for businessmen coming from places other than the countries mentioned above need to be arranged beforehand.

      Visitors on tourist visas are required to use Qatar Airways to enter the country. The passport section at Doha international airport can issue renewable 14-day tourist visas in 24 hours for all visitors to Qatar with the exception of travel documents holders. Such visitors should have their next of kin living in Qatar, and they are not required to have residence permits in one of the GCC countries in order to get a tourist visa. This arrangement goes in line with the policy of openness currently prevailing in various fields in the State of Qatar.

      Prohibited Imports

      No alcohol, narcotics, pork-related products or pornography may be brought through customs.


      Islam is the official religion; other religions are also respected.  Ramadan is the holy month of fasting when Muslims abstain from eating, drinking & smoking during daylight hours.  As a sign of respect, visitors are also required to refrain from these activities in public between sunrise & sunset.


      The general day of worship and a public holiday.


      Government, schools and commercial Friday and Saturday.


      The electrical system is based on 240 volts/50 Hz.  UK plugs are the most frequently used.


      The importation and consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated in Qatar.

      Credit Cards

      All major credit cards are accepted, as are travellers cheques in main hotels, stores and larger shops, but in traditional souks, cash is mostly used and bargaining power is increased with the ready availability of currency.  ATM machines are available.

      Business Hours

      Government offices:
      Sundays to Thursdays, 07:00 to 14:00 hours

      Sundays to Thursdays, 07:00 to 13:00 hours
      Bank branches are also available in selected shopping malls from 10:00 to 21:00 hours

      Commercial offices, may vary but mostly:
      Saturdays to Wednesdays: 08:00 to 13:00 hours and from 15:30 to 18:30 hours.

      During Ramadan, the month of fasting, restricted business hours are observed.

      Social conventions

      Muslim religious laws should be observed. Women are expected to dress modestly and men should dress formally for most occasions. Alcohol is tolerated, with non-Muslims allowed to drink alcohol in the city’s bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Smoking is the same as in Europe and in most cases it is obvious where not to smoke, except during Ramadan when it is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public.


      Normal tourist photography is acceptable but it is considered offensive to photograph Muslim women. It is also courteous to ask permission before photographing men. In general, photographs of government buildings or military installations should not be taken.


      Mobile telephony is widespread and of excellent quality. The system used is GSM.  MMS, WEP and GSRM services are also on hand, and 3G services are available.

      Traffic system

      Driving in Qatar is on the right-hand side.

      Getting around

      The best way to get around in Doha is by car. Qatar has good network of roads and highways.

      Internet country code


      Telephone dialling code

      + 974