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    Take on the adventure of a lifetime during your stay in Doha with an amazing desert safari

    Uncover a unique side to Doha on a desert safari

    Doha is a treasure of the Middle East, a city that is growing and evolving in front of our very own eyes. This magnificent city is continuously expanding with an ever changing skyline and the appearance of new cultural landmarks frequently popping up. The city is the essence of modern style and traditional values which make for a perfect combination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

    Although Doha is growing from an age-old region to a current day concrete jungle, the true nature of Doha has not been lost. Areas of the stunning golden desert are still untouched and available to be explored. During your visit to Fraser Suites, Doha, you may be eager for an experience outside of the city walls, perhaps an exploration around the breathtaking sands of the desert. There is a wide-range of attractions around Doha with something to suit everyone. Take on the adventure of a lifetime, on a Desert Safari.

    Throughout Doha, you can find numerous companies that offer an array of Desert Safaris. Some offer day trips while others offer overnight trips. There are various ways you can take on the Desert, but whatever you choose you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

    Enjoy a half Day desert safari

    Half day safaris are an ideal way to see the gorgeous desert, especially for those who are pressed for time. Sit back and relax as you are driven in a luxury 4x4 vehicle on an exclusive journey that begin by being picked up directly from your luxury accommodation at Fraser Suites, Doha. Tours are offered in the morning or later in the day. Afternoon desert trips are recommended for those looking to see the sunset over the sandy dunes.

    Your journey begins with your very own driver taking you on a scenic drive along the coastline as you pass by the Towers of Mesaaid and the iconic oil fields. You will also be visiting the unique site of Khor Al Adeid, where you will take in some spectacular views of the Inland Sea. This truly remarkable site is one of only three places in the world where the desert meets the sea.

    After Khor Al Adeid, your vehicle is prepped for the exhilarating ride through the seemingly endless sand dunes. Some air is let out from the 4x4’s tyres in order to allow for a smooth ride during your incredible desert trip.

    Your 4x4 will take you on a thrilling, adrenaline-charged ride through the vast desert which will leave you feeling electrified and overjoyed. Going for a white-knuckle ride in a four-wheel drive is certainly the most exciting way to see the desert in Qatar.

    After your exhilarating drive, refreshments will be provided during a visit to a traditional desert camp. This is a great way to experience the customary, middle-eastern culture and indulge in some local treats. The Doha desert tour is a wonderful way to see a unique and remote part of the world with a great opportunity to snap some impressive pictures and engage in the culture of Qatar. Book your half day Desert Safari today and be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime.

    For the ultimate experience go for a full day desert safari

    Enjoy an entire day of desert delights with an eventful, full-day desert safari. There is no better way to enjoy the Middle-Eastern paradise that is the stunning golden desert than on a full-day safari. Become fully engaged with the dusty dunes and the sand made hills as you embark on the ride of your life. Your personal driver will pick you up from your luxury serviced apartment at Fraser Suites, Doha where your journey will commence with a drive along the stunning Qatar coastline. You will then continue on to iconic landmarks such as the Inland Sea, nicknamed “The Qatar Maldives”. This is a truly unique site where the desert meets the sea creating a magnificent, memorable moment.

    Before you know it's time to deflate the 4x4 tyres and buckle your seatbelt because your smooth, scenic drive soon turns into a roller-coaster ride, whizzing through the sand and over the golden hills. You will be absolutely ecstatic with the thrill of this exhilarating ride through the desert.

    Once you have come down from your entertaining sand dune adventure you will visit the delightful desert camp. Here you will have the opportunity to unwind by the swimming pool or beach or if the adrenaline is still pumping, you can enjoy a range of sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football. If you are still feeling adventurous why not try sand boarding, a fun and unique way to engage with the desert.

    In the traditional camp, you will find Arabic seating and tents where you can relax while lunch or dinner is served. Here you will experience the delectable tastes of the Middle East. Sheesha, a social tradition where flavoured tobacco is smoked through a hose attached to a water pipe, is also offered to guests who may like to try it. Some full day tours also offer camel riding which is a fantastic way to become fully involved in the essence of the desert.

    Once your full day desert safari has come to an end, you will be transported back to Fraser Suites, Doha by your personal driver. This once in a lifetime tour is suitable for all ages and makes for a fun and memorable family day out. Book a full-day desert safari during your stay at Fraser Suites, Doha to enjoy a truly remarkable experience in the heart of Qatar.

    Overnight Desert Camping Experience

    For guests of Fraser Suites, Doha who would like a desert experience that exceeds all others, the overnight adventure is a perfect choice. Enjoy all the features of the day tour plus so much more. You will feel at one with nature as you fully immerse yourself into the majestically, vibrant desert.

    Your very own driver will pick you up from your luxury serviced apartment at Fraser Suites, Doha in a 4x4 vehicle where you will be taken to spend the day at the beautiful beach, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. After some relaxation time, the adventurous part of the tour awaits.

    Your driver will deflate some of the air in the tyres of the 4x4 to ensure a safe and smooth ride along the desert.  After this, you will engage in some thrilling dune bashing as you take on the mountainous dunes and bouncy terrain. This is most definitely a major highlight of your desert trip and a key feature that makes the tour so appealing.

    You will then be taken to enjoy the stunning and exceptional views of the Inland Sea. This is a great chance to take some memorable photos. Around sunset, you will continue to the traditional style camp where you will find a colourful assortment of Middle-Eastern comforts such as Arabic seating and tents. You can choose to play sports, go sand boarding, ride a camel or simply just relax amongst the serenity of the secluded desert while the sun goes down.

    Dinner is later served around a warm bonfire, giving guests the opportunity to try the delicious local delicacies accompanied by the sounds of Arabic music. After an enjoyable evening, retire to your tent where you will sleep under the spectacular Arabian night sky. In the morning, breakfast is served before you return back to Doha.

    This exceptional desert safari is the ultimate way to experience the desert when in Qatar. It has so much to offer from taking on the sand dunes in a way that will get everyone’s heart rate going to a relaxing evening that will have you feeling tranquil and rejuvenated. Book your overnight desert camping experience while on your stay at Fraser Suites, Doha for an unforgettable Middle-Eastern adventure.